64 Updates for Patch Tuesday

We all love patch Tuesday! Once a month Microsoft releases patches that hopefully fix bugs or security vulnerabilities, but also potentially break in-house software.

This Tuesday’s release includes 64 updates for Windows, Office and five other Microsoft products. The biggest patch is for Internet Explorer as per Microsoft:

The most important fixes addressed a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser that was exploited in last month’s Pwn2Own contest. Although details were kept confidential, hackers have begun exploiting the critical flaw in real-world attacks, Microsoft warned. The use-after-free vulnerability affects versions 8 and earlier of the Microsoft browser.

If you are not familiar with Pwn2Own, it a security contest were contestants attempt to break into systems for cash and electronics prizes. The results were fairly favorable for Microsoft, this year, but this resent patch fixes an exploit that was used. If you are still using IE 6-8, which you really shouldn’t be, be sure to download MS11-018/KB2497640 right away. Unless you have proprietary applications that require an earlier version of Internet Explorer, you should upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. Even if you are using proprietary applications, I would still try Internet Explorer 9 as it has fairly good backwards compatibility.